Sunday, July 20, 2008

Florence the Snail

This little gal is for my Aunt. Her name, the snail that is, is Florence!
She has little flowers all around her and a big open mouth. I am not sure if she wants to eat the cupcake or if she is terrified by it!
The cupcake is very vanilla with orange sprinkles and a cherry of course!
I used Premo! Sculpty is a lot brighter and smoother then the regular but the same price oddly enough.
I hope she like's this, otherwise it's back to the drawing board!


Tandra said...

OMGosh Kim! Hilarious and adorable!!!! Love the open mouth!!
My Grandmothers name was Florence! Gary would NOT let me name Halo that! :(
Yummy cuppie!!!

Anonymous said...

what a cute little snail!

48JJFan said...

I love Florence! Only I didn't know her proper name was Florence -- which fits her perfectly! I've been calling her "TheSnailMyNieceMade" which didn't seem appropriate and could have accounted for the look on her face.... which I think was disgust. She still has the look but I think it might be because of the messy desk that she sits on in my office! I love her! Thanks again!