Thursday, November 19, 2009

Halloween Cards!

I made a few of these little cards for Halloween. They were made with stamps and little treat cups from Stampin Up!
Some of the cards never made it out with the cups on them. They were self sticking but when the design underneath was embossed they were not very sticky anymore. I glued some and tossed some. The over all look was fun, but kind of complicated!
Click on the image for a detailed view.

Tie Dye!

The kids were both Hippies for Halloween so I made tie dye shirts for them. I had leftovers so I made a fancy girly version for my niece. I was thinking this is a pretty inexpensive gift if you are making a few at a time!

Keely's Crafts!

Ok, I realize it has been way to long. Luckily no one really reads this anyway!
This was a little craft Keely found in American Girl magazine. I had to relinquish all of my colored socks but it was worth it!