Friday, July 18, 2008

Birthday Fun...

I made this card for my niece.
It goes along with the ladybug theme birthday party she will be having!
I used a vintage Bingo card for the base, a page from a vintage book and some yummy buttons.
The book page is really fantastic. I came across 4 books in the Library's "free" section. They happened to be books from my childhood, they even smelled the same. I considered hoarding them but had a change of heart:)!
The doodle letters, were made with the help of a stencil. After all the work on the paper, I did not want to chance messing up the letters!

1 comment:

Tandra said...

Oh so cooool!! LOVE the book page! Whats it from?
Its so adorable! I dont know how we part with old stuff like that!!! LOL