Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Afternoon Clay Project

I decided NOT to go anywhere today so the kids wanted to do a project.
I have a ton of glass yogurt jars, so I figured we could do something with them.
We each covered the jar in clay that was pressed out with a pasta machine.
Keely's purple jar and Henry's brown jar were decorated with beads. We got them to stick well using Sculpy liquid clay. The clay was baked as usual, however I left the oven open a crack so that there was not so much direct heat. I was worried that the beads would melt!
I made the circles on my orange jar by making a roll of three different colors and slicing the roll.
I found all these techniques in THIS book, that we checked out at the library.


Tandra said...

Oh very cool project for the kiddos! Yougurt in glass jars???
Trader Joes?

Kim said...

Yes, Glass jar yogurt at Trader Joes..Its the best yogurt EVER!!