Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wandering Aimlessly .... a good thing sometimes!!
I went shopping with my friend Jenni the other day. We don't see each other often so when we do get together we end up kind of lost...a lot. I swear her and I can walk aimlessly around in circles for hours and it's still fun.
I made the below painting to highlight our journey...round and round in circles. We are represented by the paper clips.
I got the "personal object" idea from the Journal Revolution girls..maybe someday I will come up with an idea of my own but for now I will um... borrow theirs:)
I love the idea of an object representing me on a page..I just do not want my actual face plastered on all my art!

1 comment:

Tandra said...

Great art! love the paperclip idea!

(yummi cupcakes!!lol)