Friday, January 2, 2009

Puffer Fish!!!

I made this puffer fish with a kit I got from here: The Licorice Tree!
It was a gift from my sister. I was surprised at how easy it was to put together. He actually is a pretty awesome pin cushion I must say. I named him Paco.
Needle felting is fun and easy. You may get poked by a needle a few times but the final product is worth it!!


Anonymous said...

Be still my blowfish heart...this is so flippin' fabulous!

Tandra said...

well I have all the goods to felt

Paco is too cute! Are you sure Keely didnt name him?? lol

Kim said...

Keely didnt name it for once..she couldnt think of anything:)!

patricia said...

LOL! that is one of the cutest fish I've sseen lately!
Next tandra will be up to her eyeballs in felt fish!
The flowers are adorable too!
speaking of eyeballs, I bought a felt eyeball pin cushin from Etsy a few months ago, my kids think I'm sick!