Friday, August 22, 2008

Spool People!

These are wooden game pieces I got at Michaels. I just painted them!!
I added the thread around their necks to make them unique and kind of bring back the spool-ishness of them.
These guys will be going to my mom and dad for their birthdays!
I saw these first on ETSY.
I also bought the clay version, also at ETSY.
I figured I could probably make them myself..granted they are not as fan-tabulous but a heck of a lot cheaper!!
I have also seen these using actual spools of thread with wooden balls on top for the head. I might try that version as well.

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patricia said...

I saw a tiny little chinese girl, probably about 2 years old at California adventure last week, she was ADORABLE and she reminded me of a little spool person!