Monday, August 4, 2008

Meet Zellah!!

Meet the newest member of my doll family! Zellah!! Keely named her that after I told her I needed a name that started with a letter that does not get used as much. She picked "Z" and Zellah..and it stuck!
I got her at the Valley of the Dolls in L.A. this weekend.
I did not plan on buying a doll but this little beauty had to be mine. She has awesome mohair that feels soft and fuzzy and she is really poseable. Her wrists, elbows. knees and waist move.
I was so excited about that because Wednesday, my Blythe, is really hard to pose!
Her out fit came with soooo many layers I will able to change her look pretty quickly.
She also has fantastic violet eyes and one long earring which she shows off in the first picture...Holla!!

I plan on taking more pics soon, but here are a few for now!!!


Tandra said...

OMGosh I could not believe how soft her hair is!!! I love her layered outfit, and her many socks are hysterical!
She is marvellous indeed!
You would have been miserable if you had passed her up!! LOL

p.s. I LOVE my Johnny Cupcakes tee...uber cool!

patricia said...

She's so HOT! lol!!