Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh Keely...!

I was in the car with Keely yesterday and we were talking about her
favorite topic "Wicked the Musical".
She is extremely interested in the whole story and why the different witches were treated the way they were. Both Henry and Keely are like me, they totally take in the actual words to songs and try to figure them out. With this musical its a little painful because obviously it is a whole story, not just a line or two to dissect.
She was going on and on about all the different traits kids in her class have when she finally commences with this statement:

"Mama, It does not really matter what you look like, it's all about your character!"
Pretty profound for a 5 year old!!

1 comment:

Tandra said...

Shes so right!
I told you she blows me away all the time with what she says!!!
I just love her! lol