Saturday, May 24, 2008

Crazy Delicious!!

I went to WONDERLAND bakery today for a birthday cupcake!!!
The store was so stinkin cute, very pink, and cupcakes were made to order!!
Above are my skull cupcake and Matt's boring boy cupcake.
The little stand my cute cake sits on is from my friend Jenn. I was happy I remembered to bring it with me:)


Tandra said...

Ummmmm isnt your b-day the
30th????? I hope so!!!
Oh lordy....

Matt Dittrich said...
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Matt Dittrich said...

Happy Birthday!! :)

And yeah, those cupcakes are yummy. Better than Sprinkles, I say.

Tandra said...

Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu!!
Yah you gotta show me Wonderland, and Ive never been to Sprinkles either.
I must live in a cave.........;)

Anonymous said...

love the cupcakes - my mouth's watering! & the cupcake stand is absolutely fabulous ! I've never seen one before - don't think we have them over here.....brilliant!!