Monday, January 21, 2008

Venti Iced Vanilla Soy Latte

Ok, so I am a total Starbucks addict, I admit it. I love my Venti Iced Vanilla Soy Latte.
I just switched to drinking soy after reading "Skinny Bitch".
Milk, they say is basically poison. Terrific. I might add that they say coffee is equally horrifying but, alas, I won't give up everything!

Materials used: Gesso,mixed with a cream and brown making memories paint, some prisma gold powder, all smeared around with my hands,white correction pen, stampin' up doodle set, brown ink.


Tandra said...

Gret pic! "Skinny Bitch" eh?? I may have to read that!!!
I canNOT give up my Iced Venti Caramel Macchiato w/2%!!
Maybe I should try it with soy?

Lovin' what you are doin Kim!!

Matt Dittrich said...

Great colors / lines / composition / text! Me likey. :)

Debbie said...

I love it Kim! However, I am feeling a bit inferior right now...

Jennavieve said...

I love the picture of the iced coffee on an adventure down the nature trail. I'm glad that you're making time for creativity and using all your cool stuff. :)

patricia said...

Love the blog, love the Heart rock... Hearts Rock! and I Love the Blythe doll!
Cute blog!