Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bangles and Brew!!

I made this fantabulous bracelet this weekend at my friend Tandra's house. A friend of hers, Patricia, makes her own beautiful beads and decided to try out a bracelet making party. We were her first group and I think we all made awesome stuff. It was fairly easy... you just string the beads on! Of course the perfectionist in me re-strung it 8 times..and I still want to try new combos,but I like this one pretty well. Tandra made an awesome one with bright funky colors, I would love to try that one next! I think the brights are more my "thing".
Check out Patricia's Bangles and Brew website...and links to her other beautiful work.


Tandra said...

That was so much fun, and you are hilarious!! I guess I could pput a pic of mine on my blog...that entails taking a pic with a camera that isnt really working!! LOL
Thakns for being there Kim!

patricia said...

you are SO funny!!
I guess we'll just have to have another par-tay!
thanks for being there, it wouldn't of been the same without you =D