Sunday, June 29, 2008

Snail Friend

This is Pearl, she is a friend of the purple snail,Percevil.
My mom requested a snail for her desk at work so I made this little lady!
She is made with blue pearl sculpty and I added a coat of glaze to keep her shiny, as well as to keep the eyeballs on!
The cupcake is made with real cupcake sprinkles! I got tired of trying to roll tiny little balls.
I am trying to perfect the cupcake, this one looks a little more realistic then the one pictured with Percevil.

Enjoy Mom!!


Tandra said...

O.M.Gee!! This is the cutest!!!
Adorable Kim! LOOK at the antennae!!! Springs!!! UBER-cute!!

Nicole35 said...

That is just so stinking cute!